Kelly+Partners Brand

Kelly+Partners is a single-brand owner-driver network focused on providing accounting and taxation services to private SMEs.

  • Kelly+Partners Building Signs

    Kelly+Partners Building Signs

    Positioned atop the head office in North Sydney, the Kelly+Partners building sign is visible from Pacific Highway, Sydney Harbour Bridge and from Sydney's CBD.

  • Website & Mobile App

    Website & Mobile App is an industry-leading website, providing information on all company directors, office locations, expert blog articles, latest initiatives and company services. In addition to our mobile-friendly website, we have created a Kelly+Partners app, which helps users take control of their finances through a friendly and well-thought-out interface.

    The Kelly+Partners app is available on Android and iPhone.

  • Innovative CBD quality offices

    Innovative CBD quality offices

    Kelly+Partners CBD quality offices have revolutionised the traditional accountant presence on the High Street.

  • 2GB Radio Advertising

    2GB Radio Advertising

    Kelly+Partners can be heard on the Alan Jones and Ray Hadley shows on 2GB in the morning. Sydney's leading radio segments.
  • Channel 9 TV Advertising

    Channel 9 TV Advertising

    Kelly+Partners can be seen on Channel 9 in the mornings from 6:45 am, during the Morning Show.

  • Kelly+Partners Post

    Kelly+Partners Post

    The Kelly+Partners Post is published twice a year and contains expert articles across health, wealth and wisdom.

  • Industry Publications

    Industry Publications

    Kelly+Partners produces a selection of expert industry publications, including a client monthly newsletter, TaxWise publication, annual budget report and EOFY report. The aim of our insight is to share the latest news and issues affecting private clients, private businesses and families.

  • Kelly+Partners Mini Coopers

    Kelly+Partners Mini Coopers

    The Mini's iconic and modern stylish look speaks to the values that epitomise the Kelly+Partners brand. The brand’s classic design, British roots and sense of fun make people smile when they see them moving around Sydney promoting Kelly+Partners. There are now 21 Kelly+Partners Mini Coopers.

  • Events


    Kelly+Partners host a series of client-focused events including, Plan to Win (Conference for private business owners), Betty Zerefos Memorial Golf (raising funds for brain cancer research) and Grow Program (Business growth course).

  • Team Gym Gear

    Team Gym Gear

    We believe that the best wealth is health. All Kelly+Partners team members have their own Kelly+Partners / 2XU activewear, which is worn on company retreats, gym sessions and team-building activities.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Whilst we alone aren't capable of changing the world, we feel we have a responsibility to play our part, and whether big or small, it's all a step in the right direction. View Foundations.