Over our 13-year history, Kelly+Partners has helped transform 20 accounting firms and launched 11 greenfield offices to establish our existing accounting network across Greater Sydney. We have a long track record of working with leading accounting firms to solve their succession pathway and talent issues. Our proven owner-driver operating model delivers a number of key benefits including:

  • proactively managed succession planning, staff attraction and retention
  • long-term strategic alignment of operating partners via an ongoing ownership stake
  • enhanced staff culture as part of the strong and growing Kelly+Partners network
  • better client outcomes with the introduction of our proprietary accounting systems
  • greater breadth of service offering from leveraging the broader network skillset
  • improved firm profitability via centralisation of back office functions and new business procedures
  • enhanced marketing and brand presence under the Kelly+Partners banner.

Testimonials From Our Partners

The partnership offer is designed to give you access to all the benefits of Kelly+Partners whilst continuing to keep ownership in your firm and share in the profits. Accounting firms with annual revenues in excess of $1,500,000 and two partners, are preferred.

Transaction Process

We know every accounting firm is unique. However, we require specific financial details to ensure that you receive a fair offer for your practice. In our experience, the process typically takes between 7 to 90 days to complete. We will request the following information:

  • your current legal and ownership structure
  • the last 3 years of profit and loss statements
  • the last 3 years of tax returns
  • a list of employees and their benefits
  • pictures of your firm's premises (inside and out)
  • your business and personal plans, and timeframe.

We will schedule a short non-intrusive visit from a member of the Kelly+Partners executive team. Assuming your firm meets the criteria outlined above, we will submit an offer to partner with your firm or merge your firm into the Kelly+Partners group. When you accept our proposal, our legal team will send you documents for the proposed transaction. These documents are for you and your stakeholders to review.

Please complete the confidential enquiries form located below. Once it has been submitted, you will receive a phone call within 5 business days.