Business System


It’s who we are and how we do what we do.

The Kelly+Partners Business System (we don’t shorten it with an acronym, as we are against insider speak!) delivers industry redefining performance and drives progress at all levels of the business. Through the proven and repeatable results of this system and its application, we have created a culture that attracts those who seek excellence. 

Kelly+Partners was founded to challenge the widely accepted status quo and standards of the accounting industry. From day one, we worked on systemising our insights as we grew. 

Our system isn’t static and doesn’t have a single author or architect. We have continuously refined the tools and processes within it, integrating the wisdom we cultivate from every team member and every partnership, deal and undertaking of the group. The system is the cumulative result of thousands of years of commercial insight. 

Our clear mission and core values of helping private business owners, our people and communities drives our relentless flywheel of innovation and continuous improvement. With the Kelly+Partners Business System, our teams have built a new and better future for our clients, team members, and the communities we work in.

The key elements of the Kelly+Partners Business include:


Clearly defined mission and values.


SME focus in greater Sydney area.


Centralised brand and marketing strategy.


Partner-Owner-Driver™ operational structure.


Centralised back office.

Intellectual Property

Proprietary system and procedures.


Growing network and service offering.