Kelly+Partners is a specialist accounting network established in 2006 to provide a better service to private clients, private businesses, their owners, and families. Kelly+Partners exists to help the people, businesses, and communities we serve to be better off. Our team of accountants are intensely focused on helping our clients manage their entire financial universe and solve their business issues.

Our holding company, Kelly+Partners Group Holdings, was successfully listed on the ASX on 21 June 2017. We have consistently grown through the combination of organic growth and acquisitions, increasing the size of our network throughout Australia, Hong Kong, United States, India, and soon the United Kingdom.

We believe that we are a permanent home for accounting firms that would like to make themselves be better off.

Kelly+Partners’ Partner-Owner-Driver® model

Our proprietary Partner-Owner-Driver® model is a proven ownership and operational structure that is unique within the global accounting market. In this structure, the Partner-Owner-Driver® are the on-the-ground Partners. These Partner-Owner-Driver® are the respective business partners of Kelly Partners Group Holdings. We believe that this mutual interest creates an alignment between the partnering firms and our business.

Our first 2 locations were greenfield offices in North Sydney and the Central Coast, Australia. Using our Partner-Owner-Driver® model, we have now grown to 34 businesses across 31 locations, operating in multiple geographies including New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, Australia, California, the United States, Hong Kong, and Mumbai, India. The Kelly+Partners Group has grown to a team of over 400 people, including 77 operating partners, servicing 15,000 SME client groups.

Our operating structure ensures that we help our Partner-Owner-Drivers® focus on:

  • carefully selecting clients, primarily business owners, families, and large private clients
  • limiting the number and type of engagements we undertake, to ensure the delivery of thorough and efficient client services
  • having the scale to do the best work for our clients whilst preserving personal relationships
  • having the depth within the network to bring the right expertise to solve complex business issues
  • working together as a team, both internally and with our clients

The Kelly+Partners solution

Kelly+Partners has a unique and proven business model that addresses the common challenges that are faced by traditional accounting practices. We have a long track record of working with accounting firms to solve these challenges, protecting the business they have worked hard to build and grow over time.

Kelly+Partners also help our partnering firms remain competitive in an ever-changing landscape. We provide centralised management services, intellectual property, and specialist operational expertise to enable our partnering accounting firms to maximise their profitability and long-term sustainable growth potential. The roadmap below shows how we guide partnering accounting firms through this process.

Business Model

  • Mission


    We exist to help our people, Private Business Owners and the communities we work in be better off.

  • Values


    + We want the best for others
    + One team one best way
    + We do what we say

  • Vision


    To become the first-choice financial advisers
    for Private Business Owners.

  • History


    Founded in 2006, Kelly+Partners started life in North Sydney. Over the years Kelly+Partners has become well known for embracing change. Our forward-thinking and innovative attitude towards professional services allows us to develop rapport whilst operating efficiently.

  • Market


    The Australian accounting market, in terms of value and volume, is concentrated in the major capital cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

  • Strategy: Private Business Owners

    Strategy: Private Business Owners

    Kelly+Partners' strategic focus is to help private business owners be 'better off' through the use of our financial advice system.

  • Structure:  Partner-Owner-Drivers®

    Structure: Partner-Owner-Drivers®

    Kelly+Partners operates across 31 offices with 77 Partner-Owner-Drivers® directors.

  • Business Model

    Business Model

    The Kelly+Partners brand has been supported by significant levels of expenditure on brand and customer marketing communications programs over the past 17 years.

  • People


    As a services business, we recognise that our people are the key to our success. We are deeply passionate about growing our people on both a professional and personal level. We are confident that great people make the greatest professionals.

  • Training


    We provide intensive and ongoing training for all our people and partners across all levels of the company.

  • Accreditations


    Kelly+Partners is a member of the following professional bodies. These memberships provide our clients with an assurance that they will receive the highest level of technical excellence and customer service.

  • Brand


    The Kelly+Partners brand presence is growing across Australia.

  • Growth


    Kelly+Partners now consists of 34 operating businesses across 31 including New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, Australia, California, the United States, Hong Kong, and Mumbai, India.

  • Centralised back office

    Centralised back office

    Our North Sydney headquarters houses the leading professional management team for accounting firms, providing a vital support service to enable our accountants to focus on what they do best.

  • Succession Partnering Model

    Succession Partnering Model

    The Kelly+Partners Emeritus Program was founded to highlight the contributions that directors have made to the growth and success of the business over their career.

  • Certified B Corporation

    Kelly+Partners is the only Top 100 Accounting Firm to become a Certified B Corporation. As part of the global movement to balance purpose and growth, we do business as a force for good.

  • Great Place to Work

    Great Place to Work

    Certified as a Great Place to Work.

    85% of employees at Kelly+Partners say it is a great place to work compared to 55% of employees at a typical Australia-based company.