Kelly+Partners is a chartered accounting network established in 2006 to provide a better service to Private Clients, Private Businesses and their Owners, and Families. Our specialty is to counsel individuals with significant business interests to control, preserve, and grow their wealth and asset base.

The Kelly+Partners network has grown strongly as a result of the unique vision of its founders - a cohesive team of chartered accountants who are intensely focused on helping our clients manage their entire financial universe and solve their business issues. 

Kelly+Partners key statistics

Growing from two initial start-up businesses in North Sydney and the Central Coast, Kelly+Partners now consists of 16 operating businesses across 12 locations in Greater Sydney. We also have 1 office in Hong Kong. In total, we service over 5,000 client groups in NSW and nationally.

Over the past 11 years, Kelly+Partners has partnered with numerous accounting firms and built many greenfield offices in order to create the existing network. Our proven ownership and operational structure is unique in the Australian accounting market. All offices contain on-the-ground Client Directors who are “owner-drivers” of their respective business in long-term partnership with the Kelly Partners group.  

Our operating structure ensures we are focused on: 

  • careful selection of clients, primarily business owners, families, and large private clients
  • limiting the number and type of engagements we undertake, to ensure a thorough and efficient client service
  • focusing on matters that benefit from the experience & knowledge of our Client Directors
  • having the scale to do the best work for our clients, while not losing the personal relationship 
  • have the depth within the network to bring the right expertise to bear, in order to solve complex business issues
  • working together as team, both internally and with our clients

Kelly+Partners Business Model

Challenges facing smaller accounting practices

The structure and approach of Kelly+Partners attracts talented and dedicated accountants, who in turn enable us to achieve excellent results for our clients in many complex and critical matters. 

At Kelly+Partners, our mission is simply to make our clients 'better off'.

Kind regards,

Brett Kelly

Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder

  • History


    Founded in 2006, Kelly+Partners started life in North Sydney. Over the years Kelly+Partners has become well-known for embracing change. The forward-thinking, innovative attitude is designed to offer professional, efficient service on a more friendly level. Kelly+Partners History.

  • Mission


    We embrace change and are constantly challenging tradition because we have a strong desire to improve the way our industry operates. We do business differently to make our people and clients #betteroff. 

  • Values


    Kelly+Partners has been developed with deep thought and determined action from principles that are enduring in order to build a business that can last for the long term.

  • Our Ambition

    Our Ambition

    Our purpose goes beyond what we sell. We’re using our reach to be a positive force. For our customers. Our people. Our communities. Kelly+Partners Ambition.

  • Market Overview

    Market Overview

    The Australian Accounting Market in terms of value and volume is concentrated in the major east coast capital cities of Sydney and Melbourne in the south-east of the country. Learn more.

  • Strategic Focus: Private Business Owners

    Strategic Focus: Private Business Owners

    Kelly+Partners strategic focus is to help Private Business Owners go somewhere through the use of our financial advice system.

  • Structure: Owner Directors

    Structure: Owner Directors

    Kelly+Partners operates across 13 offices with 43 Client Director owners. Meet our directors.

  • Business Model

    Business Model

    The Kelly+Partners brand has been supported by significant levels of expenditure on brand and customer marketing communications programmes over the past 10 years. Learn more.

  • Our People

    Our People

    We are a service business and recognise that our people are key to our success. We are not just passionate about training people in how to help clients financially we are passionate about people development, both personally and professionally confident that great people makes the greatest professionals. Learn more.

  • Continuous training

    Continuous training

    We provide intensive and continual training for all our employees across all levels of the company. Join us - search for a job

  • Accreditations


    Kelly+Partners is a member of the following professional bodies. These memberships provide sour clients with an assurance that they will receive the highest level of technical excellence and customer service.

  • Brand


    The Kelly+Partners brand presence is growing across Sydney with 18 branded Mini Coopers, Kelly+Partners building sign atop of head office and a industry leading website and app. Learn more.

  • Growth


    Kelly+Partners presently has 13 offices across New South Wales and 1 international office in Hong Kong.

  • Centralised back office

    Centralised back office

    Our North Sydney headquarters houses the leading professional management team for accounting firms, providing a vital support service to enable our accountants to focus on what they do best.

  • Succession Partnering Model

    Succession Partnering Model

    The Kelly+Partners Emeritus Program was founded to highlight the contributions directors have made to the growth and success of the company over their career. Meet our Director Emeritus.